Artist Profiled – Katrina Canedo

Katrina Canedo


Katrina was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines until immigrating in 1998 with her family to Toronto, Canada. The passion and decision to pursue a career as an artist have been with her for as long as she can remember. Eventually, she attended Seneca College for the Independent Illustration program where she honed her skills in both digital and traditional disciplines.

She specializes in acrylic paintings and has performed as a live painter in Art Battle competitions, winning multiple times. On the side, she works as a freelance graphic designer and painter. Katrina hopes to see the rest of the world and be able to share her work with people around the globe some day. With an eye for artistic adventures, she is continually experimenting with new styles and mediums in her art.


In my opinion, the best pieces of art have the ability to be therapeutic to both the viewer and artist. Whether it’s through dancing, singing, writing or visual art, being able to express one’s thoughts/ideas are an essential part of human nature. However, it’s often damaging to one’s well-being and their environment if that self-expression is hindered. Like everyone else, I have gone through some hardships and art has always been an effective outlet for that negativity. I’ve come to realize people are always in need to express themselves and find it courageous when people can pull something so beautiful from a negative place.

Therefore, I’ve always admired how fearlessly expressive surreal art can be. Even the most visually abstract concepts have the ability to have a very profound yet unconventional observation on life. My pieces are aimed to inspire personal dialogue that provokes ideas beyond people’s typical understanding of things. Whether it’s being able to visually share ideas that I find difficult to express in words or presenting art that, even if it’s only for a moment, give some impact to someone’s day is one of the most rewarding and motivating reasons for creating art.

Sometimes it’s some of the most unexpected methods that have a lasting effect on our well-being. I believe, and observing art can be one of those methods, and the more unusual or abstract, the more effective I believe it could be to resonating with ideas that can’t always be explained in a conventional manner.

I suppose if I were, to sum up my influences as a painter it would be from classic artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali to contemporary artists like James Jean and Erik Jones. A prominent quality among my pieces is a play on surfaces to show familiar images in an uncommon light/perspective. My peers and surroundings are a constant source of inspiration and have an integral role in the way I present subjects. It’s always interested me to see a bridge between human nature and mother nature itself. That’s why my favorite imagery to play around with are elements from nature (such as plants/flowers) and personifying them with human features like faces and skulls.

However, the other spectrum of my pieces also looks to integrate more movement through its surface. Hence some of my pieces are dominated by a more loose and abstract style. Although one thing is for certain and that is I will continue to experiment with my art for many years to come. It’s part of the fun as an artist, and I wouldn’t dare to limit myself from trying new things.

Overall, I use art as a path to guide me on my journey through self-discovery. There is a lot of myself on those canvases, and as intimidating as it is to display my soul for the world to see, it’s equally (if not more) rewarding having the privilege to be able to fully express myself as an artistic individual.


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